I imagine you have questions at this point, to include whether behavioralhealthcopy will be a match for your project needs. Many of your questions are very practical and basic to any project, as follows:

What Can I Expect?
The final product I present to you should look just as we have agreed it should, and on time. I will be in contact with you (and other assigned staff) regularly throughout the process. In the event that the project should take a major shift of direction or if there are other unplanned obstacles precipitated by any party, then we will renegotiate.

What is Your Process?
Our first point of contact is when I respond to the Contact form that you will have completed on this site. I will respond within 2 business days. You will notice on the Contact form that I ask you for details about your project, the scope of your project, etc…  After I review this we can communicate via e-mail long enough to schedule a phone interview. The more information you can provide, the better. From that point on, there is wide variability between clients because there is variability between projects.

Do You Do All The Work Yourself?
Yes and No. I provide a variety of copywriting services, as is outlined on the Services page. Note that I complete the content audit and the content writing portions of your project. I am happy and willing to work with your graphic artists’ and coders as long as you grant me access to them.

Do You Do Graphic Design and Coding?
No. I complete the content writing within templates so that the graphic artists’ and coders will have an idea of my vision for your project. The graphic artists’ and coders have control of this portion of your project.  By using the templates however, I communicate to them that I am with them—that we are all working toward the same goal—completing your project to your specifications. Take a look at the Portfolio page for examples of my templates.

What About Rush Jobs?
At the time of the phone interview we will be negotiating the contract. I may be able to complete a job faster if:

  • you help with the research
  • you produce information I need in a timely manner
  • you permit me to have contact with the key decision-makers
  • if every party involved communicates with one another in a timely fashion

These are just a few examples. In any case, I am better able to complete a project and complete it faster to the extent that we work together.

What Are Your Rates?
As noted, each project is different just as each client is different. There is no “off the shelf” copywriting job. Besides, after we have talked, you may decide that you need something more or something different altogether. Don’t accept or reject a contract with me solely on my rates. You determine the rates you pay when you determine the scope of your project, determine how important your project is, and how important it is to have someone who understands the behavioral health/mental health industry.

After we have agreed to a contract and fee, you will agree to pay 50% of the fee before my work begins.

What About Revisions?
I will not submit my final draft to you until you have reviewed and approved it. I will however make reasonable revisions if you notify me within 30 days of initial approval.

 Can We Complete This Entire Process Online?
Yes, as long as every party involved has a reliable Internet connection.

I must stress the importance of efficient communications between all parties involved since we work from remote locations. Responding promptly to emails and phone calls can be the difference between completing a project on time-OR NOT!

It is more efficient and less stressful for everyone involved to take advantage of the first meeting (WebEx, Skype) between us so that project goals and expectations can be established. If needed, phone calls and e-mail communications can be scheduled so that there are fewer obstacles along the way.

Why Should I Hire You Instead Of Another Copywriter?
You can hire anyone to do a simple copy job, but if you need someone who already knows behavioral health/mental health and speaks our language, then I am your go-to copywriter. I have worked in the behavioral health industry in some capacity since the mid 1980s, professionally since 1994. Most recently, I trained and became Verified as a Direct Response Copywriter with American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI). You can read more about this on the About page.

What About SEO Rankings?
You are concerned about SEO because Google is. Thing is, Google knows you are so concerned about rankings that you are willing to hire experts to increase your rankings. Relax. Your solution is to hire an expert who knows behavioral health/mental health, not your rankings. This is the value in conducting a website audit, as I outlined on the Services page.

The key is to hire a copywriter who can produce quality content that will naturally draw upon your “key words” list. By doing this, Google will reward you with good-to-better-to-best SEO if you can demonstrate that you can use your key words naturally and appropriately. The reason that I am your go-to copywriter? Since I know the language of behavioral health/mental health, I am capable of identifying your “key word” list.

We can talk about your specific company/organizational needs when you Contact  me.