It may not be evident now, but projects generally require various types of copy services. You may not realize the extent of this until you take on a project. Consider your own project.
A review of this itemized list of services may have you deciding for something else or for something more. You are encouraged to consider the scope of your project with key staff members prior to the time we make Contact.

Web Services include:

Website Content AuditThis is a good place to start. I will review the content to see if it is strong enough to get the attention of your target market when they perform a Google search. Once this has been completed, we can better determine what else needs to be done.

Website pages – These include the Home Page, the About Page, the Services Page, the Portfolio Page, the FAQ Page. Marketing experts estimate that visitors to websites spend only a few seconds on a website before they decide whether it will meet their needs OR NOT. The Home Page in particular is your virtual “storefront” and needs to be treated that way.

This being said, you want to be sure that your message is clear and that it targets your prospects. I will write the content and design a template that is so user-friendly that even your first-time visitor will understand it.  Your graphic designers and coders will pick up after me to finish the job.

Sales pages – The Home Page may grab your prospect’s attention, but it is the Sales Page that seals the deal. The Sales Page is the hardest-working of all your documents and deserves a great deal of attention from staff in different areas of your company or organization. I will work with you to identify the features and benefits of your product or service. I will then write persuasive copy sure to convert prospects to customers.

Subscription pages – You have a service to promote, such as a newsletter or journal. At task is selling your prospects on paying for a subscription now in anticipation of benefits in the months to come. I will promote the benefits of your services with persuasive content.

Information pages/Advertorials/Blogs These are not marketing pages per se as there is no Call-to-Action. Their purpose is to keep your prospect engaged or to keep existing customers engaged between sales. If you should decide to hire me on retainer, we can create an editorial calendar, which will outline in advance, topics of interest to your company or organization.

Landing pages – These are focused on a select group of prospects or on a specific promotion. This is a temporary page in your website and is accessible to prospects coming in from another website. Consider this option if you have a time-limited offer or if you are targeting a specific demographic group. Consider using this option to determine whether or not a certain demographic will be interested in a specific product or service before promoting it to them on a broader scale.

Email Campaigns-This remains a favorite communications and marketing tool for B2B organizations. The ability to communicate with prospects, clients, and even your own staff with email can’t be beat. There are certain skills and strategies (and laws) that determine whether the recipient will open an email OR NOT. I will write a series of lead-generating emails or sales-generating emails that will be mailed at scheduled intervals.

Case Studies– This option provides you with a before/after account of the problem or situation a specific client had and the solution you provided for them. In other words, these are the documentation of your success stories!  As in the case of Confidential Interviews, these are conducted by way of phone or by video conference (i.e. GoToMeeting, Skype). This is your time to shine!

White Papers-Generate leads for your business and position yourself in your market with documentation of how you have successfully dealt with problems and trends that are common to your market. You, your converted prospects, and your supporters will be happy. Another opportunity to shine!

Testimonial interviews- These interviews from prior clients are valuable marketing tools. Client testimonies are provided unscripted and their credibility can’t be beat.  Snippets of these testimonials can be used in your first-time contact with prospects and throughout your website This is yet another opportunity to reinforce with prospects that clients have experienced positive and measurable outcomes with you.

You may consider how a Confidential Interview from an outside and objective source like myself can assist your staff toward giving you the feedback you need as you work to restructure your organization. I can meet with your staff by way of phone or video conference (i.e. GoToMeeting, Skype) in your absence to better ensure that they can communicate openly, honestly and anonymously to better ensure that you receive the most accurate data you can.

Note that I am an online copywriter and my focus is on content writing. I am happy to work with your graphic designers and coders toward the successful completion of your project.

If you are interested in anything else, I may be able to assist you or may be able to provide you with an appropriate referral. Just ask me.

Contact me with your project proposal and I will respond within 2 business days.